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Easy commerce store 360 ​​*

Your digital business, turnkey integral solution for free Physical traders. *

Knowing how to sell and be a good customer in Cables TS has a prize.

If you have a physical trade and you do not have an online store yet, you are losing the opportunity to increase your sales, sell while you sleep and even reach customers you have never imagined before.

In Cables TS we want you to grow up with us and we make it very easy for you. Simplement sum all the purchases of the year, and if before December 20 you have placed orders for an amount equal to or greater than € 9200 + VAT you have an e-commerce website with all our products + domain and gift hosting included.

  • WP + Woocommerce eCommerce Store
    We install and configure an ecommerce with all the products we manufacture and distribute in dropshipping mode.
  • Hosting and Domain of your property
    Web hosting service and domain included the first year. Service contracted by an external company so that the store is 100% yours.
  • Design responsive
    The store adapts perfectly to any device (mobile, tablet or desktop).
  • Multiple payment platformsstrong
    Paypal – Bank transfer.
  • Discounts
    Work with discounts and coupon codes.
  • Synchronization catalogstrong
    The stock of all our synchronized products, so that our stock is your stock
  • No product limit
    Work with different suppliers, freedom to register products that we do not manufacture, because your store isyour store.
  • SSL throughout your web
    We install the ssl certificate in your domain so that it sells with all the security guarantees.
  • Taxes and rates
    Manage taxes and fees for each country of the European Community.
  • News channel blog
    Manage communication with your customers. Transmit ideas with products you sell.

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    He leído y acepto los Avisos legales
    Con la finalidad de hacer efectivos los servicios que se presten, Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. procederá a la recogida de datos de carácter personal, los cuales serán tratados de conformidad con lo establecido en la normativa vigente relativa a la Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal y demás normas de desarrollo. Los datos facilitados se incluirán en un fichero automatizado de datos de carácter personal que ha sido debidamente inscrito en la Agencia de Protección de Datos. El cliente consiente a Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. expresamente, por la contratación de dichos servicios, la cesión, para la mejor prestación del servicio, de los datos de carácter personal contenidos en el fichero automatizado a los fines de confección de facturas y mantenimiento de la relación comercial.

    El usuario presta su consentimiento expreso e inequívoco que para el tratamiento de los datos recogidos con la finalidad prevista en el párrafo anterior se efectúe a través del proveedor de servicios contratado por Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. cuyo servidor se encuentra localizado en Europa, comunidad económica que cumple todas las normas relativas a la protección de datos de carácter personal, teniendo, a través de la compañía QYZ Imagen e Ideas Creativas.

    Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. se compromete al cumplimiento de su obligación de secreto de los datos de carácter personal y de su deber de guardarlos, y adoptará las medidas necesarias para evitar su alteración, pérdida, tratamiento o acceso no autorizado, habida cuenta en todo momento del estado de la tecnología. Como único responsable del fichero, Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. se compromete a guardar secreto respecto de los datos contenidos en el mismo, de acuerdo con al legislación aplicable al efecto, pudiendo el cliente ejercitar los derechos de acceso, rectificación y, en su caso, cancelación, enviando una carta junto con la fotocopia de su DNI a la siguiente dirección: Cables Textiles del Sur S.L., C/ Blas Infante, 11 29567 Alozaina – Málaga

    Easy commerce store 360 ​​* for non-customers

    Your digital business, turnkey integral solution for merchants and dropshippers

    If you are not yet a client, and you want to start in the world of dropshipping, we invite you to read our blog, where you will find an extensive guide on what is duropshipping, new market trends and online business models.

    If you need advice to create your first store, we will gladly provide you with the list of companies that we collaborate with.

    You just have to call us or complete the following form:

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      He leído y acepto los Avisos legales

      In order to make effective the services provided, Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. proceed to the collection of personal data, which will be treated in accordance with the provisions of current regulations regarding the Protection of Personal Data and other development rules. The data provided will be included in an automated file of personal data that has been duly registered in the Data Protection Agency. The client consents to Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. expressly, for the contracting of said services, the assignment, for the better provision of the service, of the personal data contained in the automated file for the purpose of preparing invoices and maintaining the commercial relationship.

      The user gives his express and unequivocal consent to the processing of data collected for the purpose set forth in the previous paragraph is made through the service provider hired by Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. whose server is located in Europe, an economic community that complies with all the rules related to the protection of personal data, through the company QYZ Imagen e Ideas Creativas.

      Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. undertakes to comply with its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to keep them, and take the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, taking into account at all times the state of technology. As the sole responsible for the file, Cables Textiles del Sur S.L. undertakes to keep secret with respect to the data contained in it, in accordance with the applicable legislation, the client may exercise the rights of access, rectification and, where appropriate, cancellation, sending a letter together with a photocopy of his DNI to the following address: Cables Textiles del Sur SL, C / Blas Infante, 11 29567 Alozaina – Málaga