Physical trade

wholesale textile cables

Do you want a large stock at your disposal in one place and have it the next day with no minimum order?


AtCables Ts, we know how difficult it is to maintain a physical trade and how important it is to be able to buy directly from the manufacturer. Whether you are in charge of shopping in a department store, you have a small neighborhood lighting store or you are simply the only and largest hardware store in the town you may have problems with immobilized material.

How many times do we buy merchandise simply because when we buy more quantity we get cheaper and then we do not give it out, the months go by, even the years and they just stay there, occupying physical space in which another merchandise could be with greater turnover that returns us benefit.

In Cables TS, as manufacturers, we know the mistakes of entrepreneurs when buying and that is why we want you to minimize your risks, always offering you the best price and a personalized service that allows you to order any of the products we manufacture and that you receive in 24 hours. Regardless of which part of the peninsula your business is located, and in 2 to 5 working days in the Islands and throughout the European territory. So that you only buy what you sell, and that in catalog you have all our products.

Because learning to buy what our clients will need is a learning process that will last your entire professional life, we offer you the advice of our experts.

Do we speak?

To register as a professional in the sector, you must complete the following form. After validating your registration by phone or e-mail we will send a sample to your facilities.

Physical stores

If you have a traditional store and want to reduce your stock without giving up the best prices, in TS Cables we are your best ally.

You can buy single units with deliveries in 24 hours.

Sales consultants

If you sell architects, surveyors, interior decorators or construction companies at meetings and you need to make sporadic purchases of certain quantities of products at the most competitive price, at TS Cables we can help you.

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    Sell Corner System

    Few establishments have large storage and exhibition spaces. That is why we have designed an exhibitor that allows you to sell textile cables per meter, and at the same time take advantage of free spaces.

    With the purchase of our initial kit for shops, you will receive this Gift Sell Corner. And if any of the coils do not sell them, because your customers do not like the color or its design, you can always change it for another. *

    Easy Commerce

    If you have a physical trade and you still do not have an online store, at TS Cables we want to help you jump into the abyss for free, so you can increase your sales.

    Simply add all the purchases of the year, and if before December 20 you have placed orders for an amount equal to or greater than 9200 € + VAT you have an e-commerce website with all our products + domain and gift hosting included.

    Free Shipping

    You have a client Architect or interior decorator who has just ordered you three coils of textile cable and needs to receive it urgently in another city. We offer you the white-label shipping service, with your data and delivery note. So that you simply worry about making the sale, that we already take care of the logistics for you.

    * The coil must not be open. Change of coil from the first week of purchase. Transportation costs are borne by the buyer and account in the exchange items. Only the coil is sent free when processing the change together with an order.