Mission – Vision – Values

Design cables, minimalist, elegant and safe in everyone’s hands.

In 2020 we transformed the textile cable manufacturing industry, we expanded our European market leadership to better serve our consumers by collaborating with dropshippers, working with marketplaces and expanding borders by opening representative offices in other countries.

In Southern Textile Cables, our values represent those of a family business, close to its suppliers and distributors.

We value the person

The safety of our employees goes ahead. We follow our golden rule by treating ourselves with respect, justice, trust and affection. We all have potential: we promote the integral development of our collaborators. Diversity enriches us, inclusion strengthens us, we all learn from everyone.

We are a community

We are the same global company anywhere. We are passionate about what we do, and it shows. We collaborate to break myths. We do the fun work and celebrate our achievements.

We get results

We think as owners, taking care of today and tomorrow. We empower, ask and render accounts. We are agile discovering and capturing opportunities.

We compete and win

We are a team with hunger and claw, never satisfied and with a sense of urgency. The consumer is our boss, the customer is our partner. We build and cultivate a brand that connects with consumers.

We are effective operators

They dominate our trade, executing with precision and excellence. We do not accept waste or unnecessary expense. We improve and learn every day. We value simplicity and adopt new technologies.

We act with integrity

We think, decide and do the right thing. We always act taking care of the interest of Southern Textile Cables. We value the goodwill of the other.

We transcend and remain in time

Profitability is the oxygen of the company. We lead the market, anticipating and adapting to change. We are a force of good in the lives of our collaborators, our society and our planet.


The design of our cables is the mirror of the quality with which we work. The materials we use halogen-free and homologated by the European community our commitment to a better world.

Custom Manufacturing

In Cables TS we have the ability to make your own design. Up to 32 wires per cable to choose from more than 40 colors in materials such as rayon, polyester and cotton.

Our factory

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